Rogue Spyware-Remove Virus Remover 2008 from Your PC

Virus Remover 2008 is one of the recent rogue anti-spyware, which is spreading its ill effects very rapidly. Hundreds of PCs are being infected by this deadly piece of software daily, crippling them to their knees. The main aim of this rogue software is to steal your money. This article is written to let you know the true picture of Virus Remover 2008 and alert you not let it make it to your system.

But, do you know, what is a rogue anti-spyware?

You know spyware programs and Anti-spyware programs very well. Spyware try to spy upon your privacy and security, while Anti-spyware programs try to block spyware.

But there is a third type of programs, which are actually spyware, but they pretend as if they are Anti-spyware programs, to get entry into your system. They have fancy websites and when they come in touch with your system, they display fake warning messages that your system is infected with many malware and spyware. Then they offer to clean your system, if you purchase the licensed version of them.

Many people get tricked by them. They make the payments and get a piece of rogue software in return. This software tries to install more malware in your system, instead of cleaning it.

Virus Remover 2008 is also a similar type of malware. If you have got any trace of Virus Remover 2008, we recommend you to immediately get rid of it so as to protect you system from further harms.

How to remove Virus Remover 2008?

First of all you need to scan your system whether it is actually infected with Virus Remover 2008. If your system has got any trace of it, then you can either remove it manually by following step-by-step instructions available on Internet at many sites. Just search for them.

But it is a risky method. It should be tried by those people, who are comfortable with the Windows Processes and Registry Keys. If you are not sure about them, then it is better to use a good quality Anti-Spyware. If you want to manually remove Virus Remover 2008, then there are basically four steps involved.

1. Stop all the Windows Processes associated with it. For this you have to open the Windows Task Manager and open the Processes Tab and find the Processes associated with it.

2. Delete the files associated with Virus Remover 2008. Before proceeding for this step, you should search for which files are associated with it.

3. Delete the DLL files associated with it.

4. Delete the registry keys. This is the most important step, which you need to execute with utmost care. Windows Registry is an important area of your system, and you should handle it extreme care. You should search for the exact Registry Keys associate with Virus Remover 2008 and then delete them.